Pants Adrians Unisex Wheelchair Sitter Pants Adaptations By Adrian Summer Denim NFAGE0ZNU

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Pants for wheelchair users.
Gripper squares open to crotch seam.
Higher in the back, lower in the front.
Zero pressure sores!
Summer Denim. 100% Cotton. Non-stretch. Made in the USA.

Sitter pants are higher in the back and lower in the front. We use the same basic pattern for both sexes, although most of our pants are customized to fit the person. Women are fuller in the hips, and men are slimmer in the legs, for example. Pants marked as SLIM have hips that are 2 inches smaller. We offer a full front opening two ways: a long fly down to the crotch seam or two 36” long waist-down side seam zippers. The side zippers make the front flop. They make it very easy to dress a person who is unable to help. The velcro-like tab fly makes it easy to cath or use a urinal. Both styles are much easier to get into and out of than most pants. Formerly, a fly was considered masculine, but girls and women wear jeans with a fly everywhere today, we offer twill, denim, fleece and knit pants made with either the gripper fly or side zippers in a variety of colors. Our fly is unusual because we space the gripper tabs apart to eliminate the noise and buckling of a long velcro strip. Once the tab at the waist is pulled, the rest of the fly opens with it. We make the only internet sitter pants under $100, and we offer customizations such as lower leg zippers, reversed fly, flaring lower legs, and so on, at a reasonable price. Our pants have a more comfortable fit than the stylish skinny jeans from our competitors. A search on for wheelchair pants may yield Silverts’ pants, but be careful-they are not sitter pants. They are made for nursing homes, easy to wash, but not higher in the back. Visit our website to purchase customized Sitter Pants at:

Adrians Unisex Wheelchair Sitter Pants Adaptations By Adrian Summer Denim NFAGE0ZNU

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